Dr. K. H. Poehlmann MB BS, PhD, KLJ finished his basic training at the University of Erlangen, (West-) Germany, in 1969. He worked as a country practitioner and anaesthetist, and as a scientific medical adviser for the pharmaceutical industry. He has always been involved in education relating to natural therapies. He studied Ayurveda for more than six years in Australia and Pune, India. For many years he was professor at the Australasian Academy of Indian Medicine in Adelaide and at the Institute of Indian Medicine in Pune.

He had considerable training in Neural Therapy, Acupuncture (especially ear acupuncture, with lectures conducted by its founder Nogiér), homoeopathy and dentistry (especially disease in relation to dental and jawbone foci). He was Medical Director of a 600-bed private hospital with a 240-bed oncological ward where he co-founded the first traditional Ayurvedic ward in Germany. Until recently he was Medical Director of the Hoehenklinik in the Black Forest.

He did his PhD in cancer research, focusing especially on so-called radiotherapy. Disappointed with the results of modern and increasingly widespread methods of cancer treatment, he looked for alternatives. To his surprise he discovered that effective cancer therapies have been available for many decades, but have suffered ruthless suppression.

He has written many articles for international journals and has presented his research in international conferences. His topics include biological cancer therapy, coronary heart disease and the bypass myth, the cholesterol myth, the vaccination myth and the AIDS myth.

Because of the restrictive politics of the Australian Medical Association, Dr. Poehlmann's qualifications have not been recognized in Australia so he is not registered there as a medical practitioner. He is, however, registered as a Family Physician in England, Austria and Germany, and is eligible for registration in all countries of the Common Market in Europe. In Australia he is an accredited naturopath and consequently most of the therapies listed on this website are also available there. He is usually in Australia from November to April each year.